SDD organisation, since its inception in 1989, carried out various Action, Welfare/ Development programmes for the rural poor people of our area who Are destitute in all respects of their lives due to illiteracy and ignorance. SDD’s team has visited its target villages and organised the rural mass to Form in to groups for their own development through collective and unified Approach. SDD has promoted 20 rural women’s associations in its target area through Constant dialogues and discussions with them in order to eradicate illiteracy among these people. SDD has started Non-Formal Education centres in 20 Villages with an intention of infusing in them the learning skills to make them Aware of the day-to-day development in society as well as in the nation.

 Conscientisation programme through meetings, seminars and workshops.  
 Non-Formal Education in 20 Centres.
 Deepening of Percolation Tanks, Mass Tree Plantation and Fishery Cultivation.  
 Deepening of Drinking Water Wells & Irrigation Wells.  
 Dairy Development Programme.  


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