School Choice campaigns

Participants at a mass campaign
conference in Chetpet

Women rally at Vallimalai
on 24.09.2007

School Choice campaign sticker

School Choice campaign sticker

Major programmes:

1. Awareness Programmes
2. Non-Formal Education
3. Adult Education Programme
4. Coaching Classes for School Going Children and Dropouts.
5. Small Savings
6. Organising Women into Self-Help Groups
7. Social Forestry Programme
8. Health Education and Medical Camps
9. Working With Government Programmes
10. Economic Development Programmes
11. Human Rights Education, Documentation, Lobbying, Advocacy & Networking
12. Movement Building and Campaigns
13. Land Rights Programme
14. Child Labor Eradication Program

Activities Undertaken So far:

1. Conscientisation programme through meetings, seminars and workshops
2. Non-Formal Education in 20 Centres
3. Deepening of Percolation Tanks, Mass Tree Plantation and Fishery Cultivation
4. Deepening of Drinking Water Wells & Irrigation Wells
5. Dairy Development Programme
6. Goatry Development Programme
7. Students Summer Camps
8. Rural Sanitation Programme
9. Organising Women in to Groups
10. Dalit Empowerment through Movement Building
11. Human Rights Education, Networking, Lobbying & Documentation
12. Coaching Class for SSLC Failed Candidates
13. Orientation on Small Savings and Government Schemes
14. Child Labour Eradication Programme
15. Training for rural educated and unemployed youth in Tailoring, Type-Writing and Computer Education

Project Area:

40 villages (20 villages in Chetpet Panchayat Union and 20 Villages in Peranamallur Panchayat Union) of Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu, India



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